2021-2022 Theater Programs to advertise in…

Key West Playbills is proud to present our advertising opportunities in the Performing Arts and Events Guide for the upcoming 2021-22 Season. All have planned robust “Come Back Seasons”.

We are honored to welcome Wesley House Family Services  to our portfolio this year.  They will have a book for their long established Valentine’s Day Gala on February 14, 2022, as well as the popular Mayors Ball which has been moved to March.

Two of our venues are offering exceptional advertising opportunities this year.  The Waterfront Playhouse will be performing all year long through August 2022 with twelve presentations. Rams Head’s Key West Theatre is also performing through the year and now distributing their Playbill at their Coffee Butler Amphitheater performances. In both cases there will be no increase for the prices of their ads.

The Tennessee Williams Theatre returns offering a season of popular Broadway and music events while the Red Barn Theatre celebrates 42 years of Big Things in a small space!

The Anne McKee Fine Arts Auction, which went digital last January due to the epidemic, returns to a printed program.

The South Florida Symphony is going digital on their programs through a cell phone app which displays their performances and advertisers.  They will be able to supply number of “click- throughs” to advertisers. We would be glad to show you how this works in person.

Impromptu Concerts returns to their monthly presentations at St. Paul’s church to celebrate their 50th Season.

The Marathon Community Theater has reorganized and taken over the operation of the film theater as well as their live stage (located in the same building.) They have an early closing date of August 27, 2021.

The Key West Songwriters Festival (one of top ten such events in the US according to Billboard magazine) returns to their May performances in many Key West clubs.

The Key West Business Guild has enjoyed great support from the community this year for its Pride, Tropical Heat, WomenFest and Headdress Ball Guides, and plans even bigger events next season.

It’s that time finally! Support the theaters with your playbill ad!
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