Why advertise?

 Advertising that is a Win-Win

Cultural arts programs for Key West Theaters, Music, Art and Key West  Festivals  are proven vehicles to get your ad seen and to show your support for the live performances in Key West.  With your support, Key West continues to be the cultural center  we are known for.

Collectively, the captive audiences these playbills  land directly into approximately 80,000 hands over the course of the 2022-23 Theatre Season and over all the events.

Published annually with the opening of each season/festival, the playbill includes pertinent information for each show, biographies of cast members, directors, technicians, designers, festival event information, maps, and information on the upcoming seasons.

  • Winter season, the theaters host a 50/50 mix of local and visiting patrons
  • The festivals host 75% tourists
  • The theater audiences are composed of 55% women and 45% men
  • Average age 35 – 55

Published annually. The ad rates are for an entire season of advertising


And you receive some great benefits for advertising!

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