We want to keep you in the loop…. July 2020

We hope everyone  is staying safe and healthy.  This season will be a hard one for  everyone connected to the Arts community and we wanted to keep you in the loop as to what we know today.

May 2020: The checkpoint into the Keys was still up and it was easy to take photos without any cars in them…

Key West Songwriters Festival 2020 is currently scheduled for  October. 7-11, 2020.  Any ads placed for the May event will still have a reservation in the program. We will double check to see if you want to update your ad from what you submitted in March.  Of course, you can still reserve an ad if you aren’t in yet.

        Key West Business Guild: any ads placed will be reconfirmed  before the next program goes out. 

  • Tropical  Heat 2020 and Womenfest 2020  have been cancelled.  Any ads placed will be moved to the 2021 events.  
  • Pridefest 2020 is scheduled  for Nov. 18 – 22, 2020.  We will confirm your ads before we send to the designer.  Pride Follies is scheduled for Saturday Nov. 7.  
  • Headdress Ball is scheduled for Dec. 26 at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater.  We will confirm ads before the program is designed. 

Theaters:  Waterfront Playhouse, Red Barn Theatre, Tennessee Williams Theatre, Fringe Theater at this point are waiting.  Peter and I are ready to go when we know anything.  Key West Summer Stage was cancelled but Theatre XP is doing a stage reading at Waterfront Playhouse this week. 

Music: South Florida  Symphony  will be doing all virtual  performances.  There may  be some advertising  opportunities. Impromptu  Concerts is looking at hosting a season but are also in standby mode. 

KW Theater: I have not yet heard back from them.  

Art: The Annual Anne  McKee  Fine Auction is still scheduled  for Feb. 17, 2021  at  The Studios of Key West. As the situation  is fluid,  it may be a virtual event with advertising  opportunities.  

      The other big news is that I started a Photography Book project that led from my bike riding around Key West during the shut down.  I am collaborating with Carol Tedesco and we have invited 24 other photographers to submit up to 14 images that were shot between March 1 and June 1. It will be a one time printing.

      Participating photographers are: Liz Acar, Peter Arnow, Susan Bailey, Lynne Bentley-Kemp,  Joe and Ozlem Berg, Larry Blackburn, Michael Blades,  Kyle Campbell, Jeffrey Cardenas, Alyson Crean, Ralph DePalma, Roberta DePiero, Heather Dow,  Todd Andrew Feit,  Tony Gregory, C.J. Groth, Jay Hall, Mark Hedden, Martha Hubbard, Bill Klipp, Linda Klipp, Corey Malcom, Rob O’Neal, Steve Panariello, Carol Tedesco and Sharon Wells.  

      We received a grant from the Awesome Foundation to help with printing costs and after the printing expense,  all monies raised will be going to Sister Season Fund.  We’ve raised over $4000 towards printing cost of the 250 page book and at $49 each, we will be able to raise more than $10,000 for Sister Season Fund.  Click on the button below if you are interested in pre-ordering Isolated Island: The Key West Covid-19 Spring of 2020 or donating towards printing costs. 

Be safe, stay healthy, wear your mask  and well,  you know…. wash your hands! 

P.S. The photos below are just random shots I’ve taken the last few months. None are in the book because it was after the June 1 deadline. 

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